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"There are two roads that lead to the Pin Point Heritage Museum in Savannah, Georgia. The first: past groves of trees dripping with Spanish moss, eventually opening to a causeway lined with sprawling golf courses and estates of impressive scale. The second route runs through the heart of the Pin Point compound, an unincorporated waterfront community roughly a mile long and a mile wide. The duality of the changing landscape — namely the split between modernity and tradition — exists within the museum walls as well." [READ MORE]


"The post-screening panel featured Rutina Wesley (Nova), Dawn-Lyen Gardner (Charley) and Kofi Siriboe (Ralph). Set in rural Louisiana and based on the novel by Natalie Baszile, “Queen Sugar” offers a nuanced portrayal of Black family dynamics and small-town politics in a way that captivates viewers. 

The “Queen Sugar” cast and crew believe in representation on screen and on set. Helmed by Ava DuVernay, the latest season of “Queen Sugar” was directed by five women filmmakers, as were seasons two through four. The cast was excited to share that one director, Cierra Glaudé, began as a production assistant on set." [READ MORE]


"A notoriously funny cast, an unconventional animation-live-action hybrid and the nation’s most pressing social issues are key features of Hulu’s “Woke,” which showed episodes from its first season at SCAD’s aTVfest Friday, Feb. 5. Lomorne Morris, Keith Knight and Marshall Todd were the representatives of the show speaking on the panel.

The show, created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd, follows self-proclaimed apolitical comic book artist Keef Knight (Lomorne Morris). After being racially profiled by a police officer, he finds himself not only able to see and hear microaggressions more clearly, but also able to hear inanimate objects speaking to him. His “woke-ness” causes him to lose a major syndication deal for his acclaimed comic “Toast and Butter,” launching Keef on a journey that makes him confront the social issues he once ignored." [READ MORE]

"One way or another, this crisis will impact us all. Rising sea levels and devastating coastal storms push communities further inland or subsume their homes altogether, creating new challenges for housing, basic services including food and water delivery, and much more.

Time is of the essence in combating the worst effects of our changing climate. We cannot afford to ignore the lessons of sound science, including the unique contributions of the many powerful sciences. I call on my colleagues in Congress to deliver the strong support needed to advance our understanding through social science, and to include its social, cultural, and behavioral insights when making policy decisions."[READ MORE]

Op-ed, US House of Representatives

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